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Where To Find An Internship As A Student Or Grad

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Finding an internship is a great way to gain professional experience and build your CV. Internships are also an opportunity for you to start building professional relationships with people who can help you get ahead in the future. But where do you even begin? Keep reading for five tips about finding internships.

Find Internships on Job Listing Sites

To find a good internship, you need to use every tool at your disposal. 

First start with one of the most common places you might go to look for an internship,  a job board like Indeed on LinkedIn jobs. A lot of these sites allow you to filter results based on the kind of opportunity you’re looking for so have a look and see if you can filter by internship opportunities. 

Here you’ll probably come across a ton of full-time opportunities but you’ll also find internships, part-time roles and freelance opportunities.

Ask Your Lecturers And Tutors For Internships

A lecturer or tutor is usually an expert in their field, and if you’re looking for an internship or job, they likely have connections to other professionals in the industry. Ask your professors if they know of any opportunities that might fit your needs. If you want to work with a particular company, it never hurts to ask! You never know, they might even suggest you do an internship with them, helping them out as an assistant. 

Lectures are also good sources of information when it comes to job interviews and applications. They can give advice on what questions might be asked during an interview and how best to prepare. If you have a problem with writing cover letters or CVs, ask your professor for help—there are no dumb questions and they might even have a great example to share with you!

Check With Your Friends

This one seems obvious but to find an internship you could ask around your group of friends. And ask your friends to ask their friends!

You never know how they might have landed internships. They might have heard about new opportunities from their lectures or seen something online you might be interested in. Their parents may be looking for interns at their company or their family may have connections that can help you find something. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Make The Most Of Your Careers Advisers

Talk to a career adviser at your school who can help you find an internship.

Take advantage of your school’s resources. Most schools and universities have a career department that can help you find an internship, navigate the application process, choose the right internships for your needs, and prepare for interviews. These departments also often have a list of local companies that are looking for interns and connections within these companies. 

Use Social Media To Find An Internship 

Did you know you can make the most of social media sites to find an internship? Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a ton of advertised and hidden internship opportunities but you need to know how to tap into them.

Read below for more information about using LinkedIn but essentially all you need is a completed profile and to get searching. LinkedIn has its own job board where you can filter and search for student/ entry-level opportunities. 

Facebook is also a great place to find an internship if you search through job-specific groups. Many groups have been created for students and grads looking for entry-level jobs and internship opportunities. Join a bunch and introduce yourself in a post. Let the group know what kind of role you’re wanting and hopefully, you’ll connect with a potential employer.

Other sites like Twitter and Instagram can help you find an internship if you use the search bar or tap into hashtags. There will always be Twitter threads advertising roles and Instagram stories shouting about job opportunities.

Seek Out Volunteer Opportunities

Seek out volunteer opportunities related to your career interests.

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about your chosen field, build skills, network and make connections. It can also be a good way to get your foot in the door of your dream company. This is a great way to be offered an internship if you work well as a volunteer and get involved. 

Volunteering will give you valuable hands-on experience that could help you stand out from other job applicants later on down the line! Put this experience to use in your future internship applications to land that dream opportunity.

Find Your Internship On LinkedIn

If you haven’t already, create a LinkedIn profile that highlights your strengths, and connect with people who work in your industry of interest. Not only is this a great way to find an internship but also to have companies offer you an opportunity.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people in the industry and find work opportunities that might not have otherwise been advertised. Looking up people you know could land you job leads or insider knowledge about where the best internships are located and how to get them.

When you’re trying to find an internship or looking for recommendations, reach out via LinkedIn messages first even if the initial opportunity isn’t advertised on this platform. This can be an easier way of getting noticed and having your application stand out. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the internship and it shows that you’re serious about the role.

Otherwise, make use of the LinkedIn job section. Although there may be more full-time and part-time roles advertised, you might be surprised how many flexible, freelance and internship opportunities there are. 

Internships Can Be Found At Networking Events

If you’re a student or grad, you’ll definitely be invited to networking events. Go to industry networking events and talk to as many people as possible to find your next internship.

When you’re at these networking events, ask professionals about themselves and their jobs. Networking is an important part of the job search process, especially when you’re looking for internships. It’s not just about meeting people who can help you find a job—it’s also about getting practice talking about yourself, your skills and what you want from your career. You never know who you will come across and how one conversation can lead to a ton of opportunities.

Ask people in the industry if they know of any open internships at their company or elsewhere in the field. If someone says they don’t know of any openings at that moment but would like to keep you in mind for future opportunities, ask them how they got into their current position (or some other questions that shows interest). They’ll appreciate that you took the time to learn something about them beyond “What do you do?” Finding an internship can be as easy as having a chat like this.

Hopefully, this list of tips will help you to find an internship that’s right for you. Remember that there are many resources available, both online and in person, so don’t be afraid to ask around. The most important thing is to keep an open mind: if one way doesn’t work out, try another!

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