Pass tests. Earn cash. Get hired.

Discover the most exciting companies to work for and earn cash for completing their training courses. Once you’re ready, we’ll set up the interviews for you.

100's of Courses

Every course is created specifically for a role someone's hiring for.

We're constantly working with exciting companies to create micro training courses specifically for roles they're hiring for, so that once completed, you can be confident you'll slot straight into life in your new role.

GDPR traps you need to avoid

Earn: £200

Lost in GDPR? Learn which mistakes to avoid when dealing with your first clients in law.


Earn: £150

Learn how this dynamic language can be used in everything from big data, web dev, and scripting.

Web Development

Earn: £200

Find out what it takes to develop, manage and scale websites for a startup.


Earn: £50

Make sure your knowledge is tight on these building blocks of modern interface.

Working for a Startup

Earn: £100

Think you've got what it takes to succeed in a startup? Get a sneak peak of what to expect in your first year.

Using Excel in Finance

Earn: £300

Learn how Excel can be used to optimise your output and performance during your first year as an Analyst.

Networking in Law

Earn: £250

Discover how networking can supercharge success in your first training contract.


Earn: £150

Learn how to utilise Gulp in Javascript to increase productivity.

Become an expert

Utilising our intelligent learning partner’s clever algorithms, we’ll deliver bitesize content to you wherever you are, testing and re-testing you on the areas you struggle with the most until you’re confident you could do it in the workplace – and in your sleep.

Earn by Learning

Each course carries a reward which is automatically credited to your account whenever you complete a course.

Watch your credit grow as you pass company training modules and get closer and closer to landing that dream grad job. If you really want to work for a specific company, we recommend completing all their courses first.

Build your profile

Start building your Soc profile where employers can see your efforts and hard work.

This is your place to really stand out from the crowd. Add a picture, reference your previous experience, monitor your progress on each course you start and watch your earnings grow. The better your profile, the more likely you are to get noticed.

Achieve your goals

Get the feeling that finding a graduate job is like finding a needle in a haystack? Not anymore.

Soc gives your graduate job search purpose and direction, and lets you focus on what it is you’d really like to do. The days of sending out 1,000,000,000 applications is over. Soc’s got it all in one place.

…so much more useful than Uni modules!

To be honest those courses are so much more useful than Uni modules! I can’t believe we can actually earn money for completing them too. You can pick them up in your own time and test yourself whenever it suits. No brainer for getting a decent grad scheme.

@jaybr4, Newcastle University


We think finding a grad scheme should be easy, and that all starts with building around you.

We’re a startup created by students, for students, because coming out of Uni was way harder than it should be. We say goodbye to painful psychometrics and long-winded procedures.

When will I be able to create my profile?

We’re launching at the start of October 2019 coinciding with the new University semester. We’ll send you information telling you everything you need to know then.

How much credit can I earn?

The simple answer is as much as you like. The more courses you complete, the more credit you’ll accumulate.

I'm a second year student. Can I use Soc?

Yes. You won’t be able to apply to any graduate opportunities until your final year but you can begin earning credit and completing courses right away.

How and when can I withdraw my credit?

Once you’ve been hired, any credit you’ve accumulated from completing the employer’s courses will be paid straight into your specified account on the first day of your employment.

What data do employers have access to?

Employers will only have access to the data that you consent to sharing. We recommend only putting information on your profile that will enhance your employability.

Is this voodoo magic?

No. You really can earn and learn.

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