Let’s be honest, when the interviewer asks “do you have any questions for us?”, all you really want to say is “have I got the job then?” 

Unfortunately, doing that will probably make the likelihood you’ve landed the role pretty low. Asking great questions at the end of your interview will not only help you to stand out and demonstrate your interest in the company, but it will also help you decide whether it’s the right role for you. 

Pro tip: Don’t think of the interview as being one-sided, you’re making a decision about them and their company, as much as they are making a decision about you. Use these questions to build a relationship with the interviewer and suss them out!

To avoid the dreaded mind-blank when considering what to ask your interviewer, we’ve got 12 questions to make sure your interview ends on a high.

(Obviously, don’t ask all 12 – stick to between 2-3, make sure you consider what has already been answered during the interview and try to weave in pieces of your conversation)

1. ‘What does a typical day look like?’ 

Now, this might seem like a pointless question, but trust us it’s a good one. This makes you look like you’re already visualising yourself in the workplace. Manifesting. Putting yourself in the position they want you for. Winning! 

It can also give you an important look into what you could be doing day to day, and therefore if you’ll be bored shitless or not. Remember to take this with a pinch of salt. If the job description already listed out your exact day-to-day activities, make sure to start with this – e.g ‘the job description stated that my day would look like this [insert activities], would you say this is accurate? Is there anything else I should be aware of on a typical working day?’ 

2. ‘How would you describe the work environment here – is the work typically collaborative or more independent?’ 

This is pretty much a vibe check. Ask this question to see what kind of conditions you’d be working in and see if this matches your personal working style. This question can also give you insight into any potential red flags. Let’s say you’re applying for a marketing role and find out that every decision you make is also run past the design team, the CEO and the company board… It smells like micro-management at its finest. 

3. ‘What are the current goals that the company is focused on, and how does this team/role work to support hitting those goals?’

While this seems like a question you could simply find out online, it’s sometimes better to hear it straight from the interviewer, as they can give you more details and context. Asking something like this suggests that you actually care about the company, and what they’re trying to achieve. Take this question to the next level by inserting a piece of information you found out about the company during your research. For example, ‘I read that the company is looking to expand worldwide and build a store in Tokyo, is this one of your most important company goals at present, and will my team be involved in supporting the company to make this goal a reality?’

Bonus points if you can expand upon why these goals resonate with you and how you specifically could help them achieve those goals with your skillset.

It can also give you an insight into where (if you get the role) you could go above and beyond. Fast track to a promotion, baby.

4. ‘What are the key characteristics you think a person needs to be a great cultural fit at your company?’ 

We feel like we’re repeating ourselves at this point but yada yada yada company vibes and shit. However, it is good to know what you’re walking into before you get dropped into the deep end. Let’s make sure we don’t (belly) flop when we are right by the finish line.

Asking this interview question will also help you to understand what kind of person they are looking for in terms of personality. Many companies value hiring an employee that will ‘fit’ in well with the current team. Do you give off positive vibes? Are you confident? If the interviewer can share what kind of personality, as well as skillset, they want the ideal candidate to have then you’ll have an upper hand in standing out.

P.S let’s be real. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. You might not feel like the most confident person, in fact, you might actually think you’re introverted and shy AF, but if they want someone with confidence – and you want the job – then fake it until you make it. This is your time to shine. 

5. ‘What do you like most about working for this company?’

A suuuuuper key one when it comes to assessing if you actually want to work for them or not – for example if the person says they feel really supported by the management, that’s a green flag. If they struggle to come up with an answer or it sounds forced and robotic, red flag.

6. ‘What does success look like in this position, how do you measure it?’

Who doesn’t want to keep track of their successes? This is ideally more for your benefit than theirs, it’s good to keep track of your achievements to put on your LinkedIn and your CV, and to show you where you can get ahead in your first year. This also shows you’re a keen bean, and excited to bring success for not only yourself, but the company too.

7. ‘How do you see my skills and experience fitting this position?’ 

Doesn’t this just shout ‘HEY I LIKE YOUR COMPANY, LET’S WORK TOGETHER’ ideal right? Exactly what we want, a job. Let’s all be eager beavers and get that bread.

Want a way to upgrade this interview question and practically stand out from all other candidates? Say something like ‘How do you see my skills and experience fitting this position? Personally, I think I have the [X skill/experience] that you previously mentioned in our conversation and the job description, would you agree?’ 

Yep, it’s that simple. All these tips and tricks… we’re really spoiling you today.

8. ‘What opportunities are there to learn and develop in this role?’

This question screams enthusiasm, which is key to demonstrate as 4 in 10 employers would reject a candidate if they showed no enthusiasm! Not only are you interested in applying the current skills and knowledge you have to the company, but you’re looking at how you can grow to contribute further. You might say something like ‘I’m really keen to make a difference at your company, would there be an opportunity to learn and develop in this role – perhaps from a manager, senior team members or training opportunities?’

Employers love a personal development queen, and they also love to shout about how they invest in their team. It’s a win-win.

9. ‘If you were to hire me, how will you know in a year’s time that I was the right fit?’

After lots of LinkedIn recruiter research (AKA stalking), we can confirm that this question is golden. It’s pretty much an enhanced way of asking how they will measure your success, but it also gives you an idea of what they are asking from you. If the interviewer turns around and says ‘well we expect you to hit a target of 1 million with no budget, no wider team support and with a big smile on your face every day’ … run. Okay so they probably won’t word it exactly like that. Asking questions like this will help to manage your expectations if you’re hired.

10. ‘Why should I work for you?’

This is a cheeky one and might only be impactful if you’re interviewing at a young, more fun company. It’s also best to ask this one if you’ve already sussed out the interviewer. If they don’t look like they are taking any shit, then go ahead and skip this question. 

But if you’re feeling confident then this question can go a long way to understanding how the interviewer feels about the company they are working for. What are the company’s key selling points that they are sharing with you? If it’s ‘we’re all like a family’ then you know what they actually mean is ‘we have no boundaries and we will make you feel like shit for saying no to overtime’. Or if they mention nothing about the company itself, for example, ‘we all go out for work drinks every Thursday evening’ then it’s worth considering why they aren’t talking about the company’s mission, values, perks or growth.

11. ‘How do you typically onboard employees?’

Not every question has to be a deep one. Practical interview questions are a win too. This is a great one for all the anxious babes out there that want to know exactly what they should expect in their first few days if they were to get the job. 

Btw, no onboarding process is a bigggg red flag. If you’re just expected to jump straight into work in your first days without any training, calls, meeting the team, IT support, etc. then trust us – this is probably a company that does not give a shit about you.

12. ‘What are the next steps in the hiring process?’

Again, this is another practical question to ask if this hasn’t been stated in the job application. Beware, sometimes this is written in small print at the bottom of the description and asking this question could come across like you haven’t done your homework. 

And there you have it. 12 questions you can ask at the end of your next interview to wow. If you need to know more about what to expect in an interview, check out our other interview blogs here or head over to our website a book an interview prep call with one of the team. Now get out there and get that bread, dough or whatever else. You got this. The main thing is to believe you can do it. The only way you’ll come across as confident and ready to work is if you believe you are.

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