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The Grad Soc is a student-led employability platform which combines on-the-go digital training with part-time practical experience, helping you get a foot in the door without disrupting your studies, exams and Friday nights out. 

This Marketing Micro-Internship is a WHOLE new ball game. It runs for 8 weeks in Spring, Summer and Autumn, and is open to penultimate and final year students dreaming, looking or thinking about a career in Marketing. 

Digital Learning

As a Micro Intern you’ll spend an average of two and a half hours during weeks 1, 3, 5 & 7 using our online platform to learn the four core skills required in the role of a graduate Account Executive. All of our courses are delivered using intelligent learning and spaced repetition, ensuring optimised and personal learning for everyone.

Practical Experience

During weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8, you’ll spend 2 hours in the agency you’re partnered with, nailing down the knowledge and skills you’ve learned by seeing and experiencing first-hand how they’re used in a live environment and what agency life is like. All of our students are assigned in pairs and receive weekly tips and personalised support. 

The Micro Internship in Numbers 

During the first 3 weeks of launching the programme, we had over 200 students apply from 29 different Universities, with 30 agencies offering 84 intern places – all across 16 cities in the UK.

We think that’s pretty cool.

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“We exist to inspire students to pursue the things which inspire them” 

In order to achieve this, we must first make opportunities more accessible for everyone.

No more long winded applications. No more psychometrics.

Step into the first two weeks of the Micro Internship 

1. Social Media Management
2. Briefing
3. Quoting and Budgeting
4. Presenting Campaigns.

Using our online learning platform [left], interns complete a Grad Soc accredited digital crash course in the first of four key skills – designed from the outset to prepare you for the role of a graduate Account Executive. Week 1 kicks off with Social Media Management.

The course covers the ins and outs of which channels to use for your client’s socials and how and when to explore alternates like Pinterest and Tinder. Also included is a run down of Buyer Personas and effectively applying them to your social strategy.

Each intern should finish this course with a well rounded understanding of how to plan a successful social strategy and the tools to feel confident in doing so.

Week 2 sees our students spend an insightful two hours in a local agency getting hands on with the Social Media team; consolidating your knowledge through live learning and exposure to client campaigns.

This is not just a time to learn hard skills though. This process explores the subtleties of thriving within an agency and all the little skills in between that Uni doesn’t teach. Taking a notepad with you EVERYWHERE, asking questions, and learning how to schedule meetings with multiple people are just a few parts of the learning curve.

Our interns are assigned in pairs when possible and receive weekly tips and personalised support throughout. 

Success Stories



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Micro Learning for the Micro-Internship.

A match made in, well, someone’s bedroom probably?

We use super cool and clever tech powered by our partners Synap to help break your learning down into short, easily-digestible sessions – tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. You can brush up on content any time, and on any device – even in your 4am Uber home if that’s what rocks your boat.

The unique Spaced Learning algorithms create a personalised learning plan for each user, which is proven to increase the retention of information learned by up to 100% (picture yourself swanning into your grad job with a brain full of knowledge and ready to roll).

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