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About the Grad Soc

The Grad Soc is a student-led platform which provides role-specific micro training to final year students, helping better prepare them for the world of work.

A kind of digital internship, if you like.

We exist to inspire students to pursue the things which inspire them. In order to achieve this, we must first make opportunities more accessible for everyone. No more long winded applications. No more psychometrics. 

micro-internship explained

What is the micro-internship?


Our new micro-internship is a part-time 8 week internship where the digital meets the practical, getting you a foot in the door without disrupting your final year of studies and exams.

Running through February and March, students will learn the four key skills required for the graduate role of a Marketing Account Executive.

The 8 week internship will be split into 4 sections, where each student will spend time learning the theory of a skill using our easy online platform, and then consolidate that skill during a two hour mentoring session at a local agency. 

micro-internship structure

Each of the 4 sections comprise a two week period, during which students will master the digital aspect, and then the practical aspect.

Using our online learning platform, interns will complete an online course in the first of four key skills. E.g. Social Media Management.

Each intern will also be tasked with writing an industry report in Mailchimp Format, on a current topic of their choice.

Interns will spend 2 hours in a local agency with a current graduate in the Account Executive Role, learning how to put theory into practice through mentoring.

Each intern will then complete a piece of work set by their mentor, putting the core skill they have learned into practice.


Desired Graduate Role:

Account Executive within a Marketing Agency


Key Skills Required in Role:

Social Media Management
Quoting & Budgeting
Receiving a Brief
Presenting Campaigns

The Digital Part:

Complete and pass all four skill courses online for the above Key Skills, using the Grad Soc platform – any time, anywhere.

The Practical Part:

Consolidate each of the four key skills with a two hour mentoring session at a local agency, where you’ll learn how to apply what you’ve learned.

Case Study


One of our most recent success stories is with Currency Transfer – an exciting FinTech entering the ‘scaling’ stage of their journey.

The Role available was a Graduate Level Operations Executive, which required a strong foundational knowledge of Anti Money Laundering regulations – something few Universities teach.

Using the Grad Soc, students were able to take a digital internship in Anti Money Laundering, resulting in a selection of up-skilled graduates for Currency Transfer to choose from.

Who are we?

Founder & CEO

George Biddle

University of Leeds

Head of Hype

Claudia Cardinali

University of Leeds

the beauty of collaboration

A city-wide initiative, transforming student retention.

The beauty of collaboration is in the collective achievements you share within the bigger picture. Coming out of Uni we saw how little there was to incentivise students to stay, and so we made the decision to try and change that. Supporting  cities and cultures in holding onto the millions of talented individuals that leave their university cities each year is something we believe can be achieved by working together, locally.

A city working in unison

It’s always done better together.


A truly city-focused partnership and initiative of this scale offering a practical and real solution to one of the most talked about issues of this decade; the skills gap, is sure to make headlines nationally as a first of its kind.

And this is something we absolutely want to maximise on. By co-creating content with all of our partners, we can share in the buzz across our social platforms and channels, and be heard from Edinburgh to Bristol.

Together we can demonstrate the unique cultures and lifestyles each city should be proud of, and show students that their University city truly is the place to be; a city working in unison to provide opportunity and innovation at scale.

guiding principles

We exist to inspire students to persue the things which inspire them.


If you believe in our cause too, why not show us your support and connect with us on Linkedin – we’d love to hear your thoughts.


“A really exciting proposal for two local initiatives to support each other and form a powerful collaboration. It’s something that fits perfectly with what we’re striving for in Leeds”

Stuart Clarke

Founder, Leeds Digital Festival

“We’re delighted to support the Grad Soc in this fantastic opportunity to bring together more local enterprises and create solutions that really change the game”

James Gupta

Founder & CEO, Synap