Me, my internship and the summer I didn’t have

Written by Luke Macphee

July 20, 2020

So, my name is Luke Macphee and I’m one of the self-titled “Content Guru” marketing interns at the Grad Soc.

Uni in Scotland

Right now, I’ve done three years at the Strathclyde Business School. Being in Scotland, this means I’ve still got one more year to go until I can escape the morale black hole that is further education. My degree is focused around marketing and management, although I do tend to find marketing more interesting.

Having worked in a management consultancy for a good couple of summers, I was keen to find some sort of practical marketing experience. Although I could bore you to death with the marketing mix and do a SWOT analysis in my sleep, that doesn’t count for a lot without applying that stuff in real life scenarios.

The Summer I didn’t have

Originally this summer I wasn’t supposed to be doing any sort of internship experience at all. Instead, I was meant to be doing three months solo interrail travelling across Europe, seeing 23 different countries across 37 different stops.

You’d need to have been living under a rock to not be able to guess the reason why that’s not gone ahead. But after applying for a remote internship with The Grad Soc, I received the good news that I was successful. The fun part? I got the news from George and Claudia on the same day as I was meant to be flying out to Naples.

There was something about the irony of the timing that made me that little bit happier to get involved in what The Grad Soc are doing.

My Internship so far

Anyway, now I’ve fulfilled my ego trip by talking about myself and trying to make you feel even just a little bit sorry for me, I should probably start talking about the brilliant experience I’ve had so far working at The Grad Soc with George, Claudia, and our fellow Content Guru Shona.

The fact that the full process was to be remote and virtual kind of freaked me out and excited me at the same time. While I wasn’t jealous of not having to make the commute from Glasgow to Leeds every morning and night, working remotely wasn’t something I was used to.

That being said, the level of communication I’ve had with everyone has actually surpassed what I’ve experienced through sitting in an office across from people. At any time, George and Claudia are available to help us out with any sorts of questions or concerns we might have. Conversations can be as early as 7/8 in the morning to 11 at night depending on when inspiration strikes, might sound a little sad but it’s a lot easier when the people are as great and approachable as they are.

A different experience

Something else that has stood out for me especially, has been the level of time and effort that’s been put into me and Shona. Claud and George are genuinely keen to see us progress and that’s shown from the amount of calls they’ve had with us teaching us things that neither of us have learned at uni (all important stuff too).

They’re also crazy connected – the pair of them are modestly LinkedIn famous and through this they’ve been able to set us up with a bunch of different people who will no doubt be useful contacts to us. I said I’m interested in working in alcohol, Claud gets me on a call with someone that works for Kopparberg marketing. I’ve spoken to industry professionals all across the UK and even one in Tel Aviv, all of which were happy to help me with any questions I had.

Overall, it’s not been like any other internship I’ve had. The working environment is fun, everyone’s really cool and everyone’s invested in each other and also in the company itself.

Not the summer I had planned on having, but I’m actually buzzing I’ve been able to get this experience before I start looking for grad jobs at the end of this year. Interrail can wait till 2021.

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