Imagine having the power to up-skill and onboard your grads before you’ve even hired them.

With Soc, you can.

How does it work?

Courses created for you.

The first step we take is to ascertain which positions you’re hiring for, and which skill sets are most important for each. Whether that’s as simple as knowing your way around company software, or understanding the difference between terraform and cloudformation; we curate exactly what you need your employees to know.

Intelligent Learning.

Once we’ve built out your micro-courses, we combine the power of company-specific knowledge with our official learning partner’s intelligent learning algos. Synap’s state of the art algorithms allow students to study in bitesize chunks whenever and wherever they like, utilising machine learning and spaced repetition to test and re-test, and ensure the information goes in.

Properly Incentivised.

The third and final part of our process is to establish your current costs, and half them. One of the biggest costs you face when hiring is time. Whether thats time spent engaging with students pre-hire, or time spent up-skilling and on-boarding post-hire. By attaching a small reward to each module, we offer a proper incentive to engage, and allow students to build a credit for passing your exams. Once hired, the credit is realised. 

Psychometrics turning you psycho? Join the new way of hiring grads.

Premium Courses

Each micro training module is individually curated, and tailored to your company and the positions you’re hiring for. So when you come to hire the graduates we select for you, you can be more confident than ever that they’re work-ready from day one.

Sponsored Courses

As well as creating tailored content, you also have the option of sponsoring some of our existing modules. For smaller companies or companies who have already hired, this is a great way of supporting your graduates in the areas you value most, and getting valuable brand exposure to our growing user base.

New Monthly Content

We’re committed to building a community of contributors, but we think it’s important that we lead the charge. So every month we’ll be releasing brand new in-depth modules aimed at tackling industries’ biggest hiring problems.

A Student Community

Our platform is built and designed around students, giving us the power to not only provide access, but provide priceless brand exposure to thousands of brilliant young minds.

Optimised Web App

Students have a web app to manage and track their progress, so why shouldn’t employers? Our next phase of development is to build exactly that – a place for hiring managers, founders and HR specialists to find, filter and interact with prospective candidates.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

We don’t just want to change the way companies hire – we want to change the way companies pay, too.

Pricing Explained

FREE First Hire

This can be used as and when you like, with no time expiry.

Curated Modules

We work closely with our companies to develop in-depth content specifically designed to teach and test knowledge of a particular area or skill relevant to the position your hiring for, removing the need to later onboard or upskill a graduate in that area of their new role.

Access to Graduate Profiles

Ordinarily, limited details of each candidate will be delivered to your inbox at the end of each month. Exclusive access however will allow you to browse each candidates’ full profile at any time throughout the hiring process.

Brand Exposure

Brand exposure includes a full feature on our website, in-depth branding on each course and all relevant materials developed, 1 week’s headline ‘recommended’ feature on our platform & website, and logo features across all of our social media pages.

Course Exclusivity

Having exclusivity on a course means that no other company will be able to develop a course testing for the same skill on our platform during that year, giving your company ‘gold standard’ status and a monopoly over a particular industry skill. This exclusivity is free for the first year and renewable for a fixed fee thereafter.

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